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freedom - Carla Carvalhosa

 Centro Cultural Correios apresenta


Carla Cilene Carvalhosa was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and at a young age she discovered her passion for drawing. Through her journey as an artist she participated in several exhibitions and had several pieces of artwork win prestigious awards. She also has been teaching Oil Painting for over 30 years where she helped artists grow their skills as well providing a therapeutic outlet for those who needed it. Carla’s main artistic language is versatility, exploring different mediums and art styles without losing sight of her true identity as an artist. She is self taught and mastered several diffentent techniques.             



Create; expand; dream; express; freedom to experiment...             


During this global pandemic and seeing the world on the verge of war we chose to isolate ourselves to get protection from it all. In 2020, we had to adapt to social distancing and grew our virtual communications to protect lives. Artists all over the world started asking the questions: “What is freedom? What does it mean to create, dream and live in times like these?” In this exhibition Carla expresses herself by exploring multiple mediums to show what freedom means to her. Painting scenes of simple everyday life that is experienced by herself, friends and family. She talks about portraits of passion, respect, equality and how our choices define us. Our rights to be respected and live a full and happy life.With the use of sculpture she invites people to feel more in touch and connected with the exhibition. Using items that are typically discarded or treated as trash Carla is able to transform it into art that can be appreciated.With precise hands Carla interacts with various materials to transform it and build this exhibition.


Curated by: Márcia Costa

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